Activities we can arrange you when you are at Kithul Villa

Kelani River in the area of Kitulgala offer the best adventure activities such as white water rafting, canoeing, abseiling, confidence jumping and many more. We have a adventure specialist with more than 8 years experience in the field to provide all adventure activities possible in the area. We provide all adventure gear such as The Boats, Paddles, safety jackets, Helmets; throw bags, rescue ropes, water proof bags as required.

White water rafting and canoeing

Our location Kitulgala, is considered as Sri Lanka’s whitewater rafting hub. The high adrenaline adventure on the white water section of the Kelani river around Kitulgala is suitable for first time ‘go for it’ rafters and experts alike. The rivers clear water is born in the heart of the peak wilderness reserve and tumbles through a rocky gorge.

Canoeing & water rafting make you explore the wooded area surrounded by the Kelang river which shelter a variety of plants and animal life such as birds (endemic, Native and migrant) and contain many other features like historic bridges and river crossings. When you travel along the river either by rafting or canoeing you will begin to realize the beauty of your surroundings unfolding in front of your very eyes. The birds in the trees, people going about their daily routines and the plant life.


While enjoying the view of a stunning Waterfall this adventures is much more thrilling when compared to others. When doing abseiling you are hanging on a rope and that there is nothing but water beneath and above which give you adventurous feeling but safety will be assured. This will be a lifetime memory for you.

Confidence Jumping

Confidence jumping is fun and exciting. All you need is the confidence and the will to do it. Confidence jump takes place at selected places of natural rock pools of the Kelani River. The activities include sliding down an inclined 5 meter waterfall right into the natural rock pool below, certainly with all safety gear in place. Still more you can swim to your heart’s content in the cool, crystal clear waters of the rain forest stream.

Bird Watching

Many bird-watchers visit Kitulgala. The area has most of the rainforest bird species that are found at the World Biosphere Reserve at Sinharaja, although in lower numbers. However, the secondary forest and cultivation at Kitulgala is more open than the pristine woodlands of Sinharaja, and elusive endemic species like Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Green-billed Coucal and Spot-winged Thrush may be easier to spot. All-in-all there is are exhilarating trekking opportunities through the virgin forests, lush green tea estates, and surging waters of Kithulgala. Favourite activities in the area include:

Experience Kithul Products

The area is very popular for Kithul products .Kithul (Caryota Urens) also known as fish tail palm or toddy palm, is an indigenous plant, naturally grown in the wild. Long before sugar came to the market, Kithul was the main sweetening agent used in Sri Lanka, spawning a cottage industry dating back over 2000 years that produced treacle, jaggery and toddy. Kithul production is a unique industry to Sri Lanka because although the Kithul tree is grown in other countries, technology to tap the inflorescence to obtain the sap, had not been developed.


Tea factory visit

We arrange a tea factory visit which will make you explore the process of manufacturing tea. The tour will be starting from tea plucking at a commercial tea estate and processing at a tea factory. Why not stop for a visit and sample some quality fresh tea. You can also purchase tea and other local products from the Kithul Villa tea shop.

Beli Lena tour 10km

The Beli Lena caves are about 9km from Kithul Villa. Made from the rocks that make up the waterfall, these mystical caves lie beneath the waterfall. When viewed from the foot of the hill, they seem a long way up, surrounded by giant stones and a pure rockface. However there is a comfortable path of stones to reach the caves without much exertion. The caves go way back inside and for those who like adventure; the exploration of the dark caves, with an experienced guide is a must – several skeletons of Modern Man & pre-historic tools have been found dating back 28,000 years. The areas around the caves remain a tranquil & plentiful site for bird & butterfly watching.

Aberdeen falls tour 15km

Aberdeen Falls is a waterfall situated in Aberdeen tea estate. The Waterfall is 98 meters high and ranked 18th highest in the Island. It is located in Kehelgamu Oya, a tributary of Kelani River. Earlier Laxapana Falls and Aberdeen Falls put together because the both falls situated in Aberdeen tea estate.
You can go closer to the Aberdeen waterfall. There is a boat service which will make you go around the rocks of the waterfall foot.

Excursion to Adamspeak – one and half hours drive

Adams Peak is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular hill climbs. The 1-hour drive from Kithul Villa allows you to breathe the clean air and admire some breathtaking scenery, including the cascading waters of the Laxapana Waterfall.